Great Conjunction Spiritual Center
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization bringing people and ideas together with a spiritual focus. Together, we are making the world better.

Open your Crown Chakra and let your mind and your life fill with light. Relax and Enjoy!  

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Find your center and relax with this easy, guided Mini Meditation. Narrated by John Michael Thornton.

Meditation for Beginners- 6 Week Series with John Michael Thornton, Great Conjunction Co-Founder

Meditation helps train your mind to release stress, be mindful, and connect to your own inner guidance. A few minutes a day can rewire your mind for greater clarity and focus.  This easy and approachable series will help you to develop a meditation practice and integrate it into your life.
Taught at Body Bliss Connection, LLC School of Yoga & Health 1891 Niles Cortland Rd NE, Warren, Ohio 44484

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