• Animal Communication with Iris Matos of Creating Creature Connections

    Iris Matos HeadshotWondering what your beloved fur-baby is thinking or feeling?  Here's your chance to find out.  

    Iris Matos has always been intuitive and has followed her instincts in shaping many aspects of her life.  She began, in earnest, in 2009 to fine-hone her skills and has since studied spiritual and psychic development, crystals, tarot and astrology.  Her primary focus is on Animal Communication and Healing.  

    Bring your well-trained leashed pet to meet Iris... or a photo will do.

    You may also pick-up a copy of her book, "Dogs Still Know Best" and have it autographed!

  • Evidential Mediumship with Rev. Constance Field

    ConnieFieldRev. Connie Field is an ordained minister and evidential medium. Coming from a family of gifted mediums, she began seeing Spirit at age 11 and began her formal studies in the 1980's, which she continues today. She is a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY as well as the Inner Spiritual Center in New Jersey.

    Rev. Connie loves connecting with Spirit to bring messages of love and the continuity of life. Every message contains evidence of the communicator, so there is no doubt as to who she is speaking with. The messages often contain information known only to the client. Most often it is the one thing that person needs to hear.

    Rev. Connie is also a Spiritual Healer, skilled in many healing techniques including Past Life Regression. She has participated in healing services in the Healing Temple in Lily Dale, NY and does private healing in her home, over the phone or distance healings.

    As an ordained minister, Re. Connie officiates marriages, memorials, baptisms and dedication ceremonies, each customized t meet the individual's needs.

    Connie will also be hosting a special event at this show...  Gallery Readings with Rev. Mary Haeberle!

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  • Evidential Mediumship with Rev. Mary Haeberle

    Heaberle mediumship Web

    Rev. Mary Haeberle is an Evidential Medium. Her desire is to promote integrity through evidence in her readings. She is known for her compassionate and accurate messages from spirit which often contain past, present & future information.

    Rev. Mary Haeberle was ordained & graduated from Fellowships of The Spirit , school of healing and prophecy, Lily Dale New York.Rev. Mary also graduated from The Inner Spiritual Center in New Jersey, where she honed her skills in evidential mediumship. She has taken numerous classes from world renowned mediums and teachers to heighten and expand her abilities to connect to your friends and loved ones in spirit.

    Rev. Mary is known for her compassionate and accurate messages from spirit. Messages often contain past, present and future information. Rev. Mary’s desire as an evidential medium is to promote integrity through evidence in her readings. Her purpose is to bring awareness of the continuity of life after death while bringing hope and healing through messages from your loved ones in spirit. Rev. Mary is a member of the Lily Dale Assembly, the Lily Dale Mediums' League and a member of the SNUI.

    Mary will also be hosting a special event at this show...  Gallery Readings with Rev. Constance Field!



    ~ with Rev. Mary Haeberle & Rev. Connie Field

    ConnieFieldA Gallery Reading is a public demonstration of mediumship. Rev. Mary gives participants the opportunity to receive messages from lovedHeaberle mediumship Web ones in spirit. Audience members, of spirits choosing, will receive short, powerful and moving messages. These compassionate messages are filled with love, guidance and evidence of the continuity of life after death. Not everyone is guaranteed a message, but please be aware, spirit often gives a message that is meant for more than one audience member. Please come for a fun and uplifting experience.

    *with paid admission to fair ($5)

  • Live Love Oil For Your Essential Oil Needs

    Live Love Oil will be offering essential oils, crystals as well as jewelry with a metaphysical lean.
    Learn more about the benefits of natural remedies and the use of essential oils.  Jessica will help yu find the the perfect oils and doTerra products that willl help you and your health.

  • Meet Your Spirit Animal 11:30am

    ~ with Iris Matos

    Iris Matos HeadshotLearn about totem animals in the Native American tradition as well as a brief background on how to speak telepathically with animals. The session will include a guided meditation to discover and speak with your spirit animal.

  • Pamper Yourself with One Mind Energetic Wellness Practitioners

    Shaii OMRAre you ready to experience something amazing?

    Donna Bell and Shaii White, of One Mind, combine Reiki and Crystal Healing to provide a deeply relaxing experience. Feel the gentleDonna Bell OMR power of Reiki and Crystals drawing negative energy and stress out of the body and replacing it with fresh, vibrant energy, allowing the body to return to energetic balance. 

    Shaii White and Donna Bell have studied healing and spiritual arts for over 25 years. They have studied with Masters spanning diverse cultures as well as religions. They provide a level of services that are commensurate with their extensive studies and training.

    These women are incredibly loving and gifted.  Their energy is phenomenal.  

    Spoil yourself!  This is something you not only deserve, but you'll never forget!

  • Readings with Psychic & Medical Intuitive Rev. John Michael Thornton

    Have you had a reading with John yet? If not, this is a golden opportunity. If you have, now is the time for another potentially life-altering reading as JohnJohnThornton assists you down your path.

    Exploring past, present and future, and looking over all aspects of your life. Readings begin with an overview of spiritual and physical health ~ whatever information Spirit is considering most important right now. Following that, we can focus on relationships, career or whatever is concerning you.

    An incredible and accurate psychic, John is also an amazing Medical Intuitive who's been working as a professional psychic for over twenty-years.

    Be sure to book your readings early before this schedule fills up!

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  • Soulful Jewelry from Flintstone Jewelry

    Find the perfect gift with Flintstone Jewelry.  Owener Joyce Kish creates beautiful peices from the soul using crystals, tourmaline and fossils.

    She specializes in Ohio Flint and utilizes the lost art of hand-made Russian Filigree.

  • The Mystic Way Aura Photography

    Aura1What colors are your aura showing? Find out with The Mystic Way.

    After 15-years of studying metaphysics, The Mystic Way has expanded their skills with color and aura photography. Aura photography is bio feedback of your energy which shows itself as color.

  • The Original... The Very Best... The Lit Wick

    No other scented candle can match this quality!Candle 2

    Since its inception in 2003, The Lit Wick Candle Co. has built a reputation for high quality candles and fragrances. Each Lit Wick candle is the result of years of research and experimentation as well as a commitment to quality, detail and you.

    Every candle is hand-poured with passion and pride.

    At the heart of every Lit Wick candle is a unique fragrance that has been lovingly created and layered to give you the depth,complexity, richness and beauty you deserve. These candles are famous for their ability to quickly fill your home with wonderful fragrances and for their incredibly long life.

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