• "Dogs Still Know Best: Two Angels Guide Their Human Through Grief, Learning & Love"


    Angie Salisbury is an Amazon #1 bestselling author, business writer and editor and devoted dog mom. Much of her professional work includes manuals,Angie Salisbury blogs, website content, ghostwriting and other business-type writing, so her books represent a refreshing change. She is Minnie’s (her German Shorthaired Pointer) partner and teammate in various nose work activities, and they often devote weekends to the pursuit of a new title. The two of them spend endless hours playing ball at the local dog parks until finally getting Minnie to nap time. Angie, her husband Tom and Minnie live in NE Ohio.

    Iris Matos HeadshotIris Matos has always been intuitive and has followed her instincts in shaping many aspects of her life. She began, in earnest, in 2009 to fine-hone her skills and has since studied spiritual and psychic development, crystals, tarot and astrology. Her primary focus is on Animal Communication and Healing.

  • 5/18/2019; 1:00p.m.: Using Essential Oils for Helping Your Family Stay Healthy

    ~ with Sue Ball
    In this class, Sue will be showing how essential oils can be used as an alternative to traditional "medicine cabinet" items to keep your family healthy and/or help with common issues. If time allows, passing around bottles to allow the class to experience the oils.

  • 5/18/2019; 11:30a.m.:Dogs Still Know Best: How the Great Conjunction Expo Sparked a Lifelong Friendship

    ~ with Iris Matos & Angie Salisbury
    Come hear the story of how the final iteration of the new book “Dogs Still Know Best” came about as a direct result of the Great Conjunction Psychic Fair held in May 2018. Authors Angie Salisbury and Iris Matos will be reading an excerpt from their book, providing additional insights about their current and future collaborations, and answering questions.

  • 5/18/2019; 2:00p.m.: "Straighten Up, America!"

    ~ with Minorik Chiropractic
    One of the physicians from Minorik Chiropractic will you ways to improve body posture. Healthy and correct ways to keep your body pain free to continue doing what you love!

  • 5/18/2019; 3:00p.m.: Messages From Spirit - Gallery Readings

    ~ with Rev. Mary Haeberle
    A Gallery Reading is a public demonstration of mediumship. Rev. Mary gives participants the opportunity to receive messages from loved ones in spirit. Audience members, of spirits choosing, will receive short, powerful and moving messages.These compassionate messages are filled with love, guidance and evidence of the continuity of life after death. Not everyone is guaranteed a message, but please be aware, spirit often gives a message that is meant for more than one audience member. Please come for a fun and uplifting experience.

  • 5/18/2019; 4:00p.m.: Balancing Your Aura & Chakras

    ~ with Diana Stahl
    Learn how to put your energy back into balance. Eliminate mental and emotional stress while restoring your physical body.

  • Essential Oils from doTERRA

    doTerra OildoTERRA pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health.  They harness nature's most powerful elements and share these gifts.  

    A variety of products will be available including hair, skin and body care, baby care and suppliments as well as diffusers and, of course, essential oils.  They're even having a give-a-way!

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  • Evidential Mediumship with Rev. Mary Haeberle

    Heaberle mediumship Web

    Rev. Mary Haeberle is an Evidential Medium. Her desire is to promote integrity through evidence in her readings. She is known for her compassionate and accurate messages from spirit which often contain past, present & future information.

    Rev. Mary Haeberle was ordained & graduated from Fellowships of The Spirit , school of healing and prophecy, Lily Dale New York.Rev. Mary also graduated from The Inner Spiritual Center in New Jersey, where she honed her skills in evidential mediumship. She has taken numerous classes from world renowned mediums and teachers to heighten and expand her abilities to connect to your friends and loved ones in spirit.

    Rev. Mary is known for her compassionate and accurate messages from spirit. Messages often contain past, present and future information. Rev. Mary’s desire as an evidential medium is to promote integrity through evidence in her readings. Her purpose is to bring awareness of the continuity of life after death while bringing hope and healing through messages from your loved ones in spirit. Rev. Mary is a member of the Lily Dale Assembly, the Lily Dale Mediums' League and a member of the SNUI.

    Mary will also be hosting a special event at this show...  Gallery Readings with Rev. Constance Field!


  • Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of Sapphire Dreams Jewelry LLC

    Lenore CrabillFind the most beautiful and unique jewelry and more at created by Lenore of Sapphire Dreams Jewelry LLC.Sapphire Dreams 1  

    Stunning hand-made wire link jewelry, ritual and metaphysical jewelry, pendulum chains and one-of-a-kind Angel tree toppers!

    With more than 50-years going into the creations and inspirations, it's no wonder Sapphire Dreams Jewelry is so special and stands out.

    It's time to spoil those you love and especially yourself! 

    Let Sapphire Dreams help your dreams come true.

  • Learn More About Chiropractic Care from Minorik Chiropractic Center

    Minorik ChiroThe good people at Minorik Chiropractic Center is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives - combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum.

    Dr. Gary Minorik, Dr. Joel Johnson and Dr. David Teasel are practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care.  The center has been in business forDr Teasel over 20-plus years and are anxious to help improve your everyday life.

    Come and meet some of the staff of Minorca Chiropractic Center at our fair.  Learn about their services and how they may help you meet your wellness objectives.

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  • Medical Aura & Color Therapy with ERS, Inc

    Medical Aura & Color Therapy using the Biopulsar - Reflexograph is a biomedical measuring device, based on Eastern and Western alternative energy and ERS Inc biopulsar imagemedical science. The presentation of the body reflex-zones that are read by the hand sensor are displayed in different formats: dynamic biofeedback graphs of different organs in real time, dynamic total body aura, the organ aura, the chakra activity, etc.

    The Biopulsar's method of measuring is fast, precise, uncomplicated, repeatable, cost effective, and there is no need for the patient to disrobe. Once the client's hand is placed on the sensor, it only takes 1 to 2 minutes for the electronic measuring sensors to simultaneously receive the exact vitality (including energetic disturbance and sickness structures) in more than 49 organ zones.

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  • Meet The People of Summit Releaf

    Summit ReleafSummit Releaf is a medical cannabis clinic serving patients in N.E. Ohio.    They are a medical clinic where patients within N.E. Ohio living with one of the approved qualifying medical conditions can take the first steps toward legally obtaining medical marijuana.

    Meet some of the staff memebers and learn more about it.

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  • Oracle Card Readings with Barbara Wagoner

    With the assistance of her guides and Angels, oracle card reader Barbara Wagoner will offer readings and messages.  Barbara Wagoner

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  • Pamper Yourself with One Mind Energetic Wellness Practitioners

    Shaii OMRAre you ready to experience something amazing?

    Donna Bell and Shaii White, of One Mind, combine Reiki and Crystal Healing to provide a deeply relaxing experience. Feel the gentleDonna Bell OMR power of Reiki and Crystals drawing negative energy and stress out of the body and replacing it with fresh, vibrant energy, allowing the body to return to energetic balance. 

    Shaii White and Donna Bell have studied healing and spiritual arts for over 25 years. They have studied with Masters spanning diverse cultures as well as religions. They provide a level of services that are commensurate with their extensive studies and training.

    These women are incredibly loving and gifted.  Their energy is phenomenal.  

    Spoil yourself!  This is something you not only deserve, but you'll never forget!

  • Readings with Internationally Known Evidential Medium Sara Sachs

    SaraSachsRedSara Sachs is an international Medium and Psychic based in Pittsburgh. She brings her abilities in Evidential Mediumship to connect clients with their loved ones who have passed into Spirit.

    After receiving her primary training in the Spiritualist community of Lily Dale, NY, Sara cintines her spiritual studies at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies in the UK and the Zwanenhof Spiritual Center in the Netherlands. She has been taught by some of the best mediums in the world. At both of these learning institutions, personal growth is an important aspect of these courses to being a good medium. Many of her clients have noticed an increase in her abilities after these overseas courses.

    Sara's work in private sessions, public demonstrations, and teaching metaphysical workshops have expanded from Pittsburgh to venues in the US and abroad. She also speaks in, and delivers messages from Spirit in various Spiritualist Churches. Sara is a regular message presenter at outdoor services in the summer as a visiting Medium at Lily Dale. She’s also been a guest on radio and TV in the US and Canada.

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  • Readings with Psychic & Medical Intuitive Rev. John Michael Thornton

    Have you had a reading with John yet? If not, this is a golden opportunity. If you have, now is the time for another potentially life-altering reading as JohnJohnThornton assists you down your path.

    Exploring past, present and future, and looking over all aspects of your life. Readings begin with an overview of spiritual and physical health ~ whatever information Spirit is considering most important right now. Following that, we can focus on relationships, career or whatever is concerning you.

    An incredible and accurate psychic, John is also an amazing Medical Intuitive who's been working as a professional psychic for over twenty-years.

    Be sure to book your readings early before this schedule fills up!

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  • The Original & The Best... The Lit Wick

    Candle 2No other scented candle can match this quality!

    Since its inception in 2003, The Lit Wick Candle Co. has built a reputation for high quality candles and fragrances. Each Lit Wick candle is the result of years of research and experimentation as well as a commitment to quality, detail and you.

    Every candle is hand-poured with passion and pride.

    At the heart of every Lit Wick candle is a unique fragrance that has been lovingly created and layered to give you the depth,complexity, richness and beauty you deserve. These candles are famous for their ability to quickly fill your home with wonderful fragrances and for their incredibly long life.

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  • Welcome Psychic Medium Chris Marie

    Chris Marie KinestPsychic Medium Chris Marie has seen spirit since she was a child and has been studying the metaphysical since 1990. Once she began attending developmental classes, she began developing her psychic abilities as well as her natural abilities in healing.  Chris Marie uses oracle cards to connect to spirit and assist her clients in connecting with loved ones who have crossed over and provide guidance in areas such as relationships, employment and embracing your own unique path.

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