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Annette Noyes Head Shot 2It’s highly appropriate that we get The Fool at this time of year. The new year, and decade, is fast approaching. This means we have the potential for ANYthing! However, with the reversal, it indicates some of your may be feeling nervous about new ideas, challenges, and adventures rather than embracing them fully. Generally, this trepidation comes from not wanting to make a mistake, appearing foolish, having your brilliant ideas judged stupid, or being embarrassed in any way.The Fool Reversed

The sad thing about this fear is you restrict or deny your innate free-spiritedness and joy in exploring life. This locks you into a stagnant cage that allows for little to no expression of self, creativity, or even breath.

What to do? Examine all the pros and cons of your situation, clever ideas, and prospective adventures and then go forth and solve the problems! invent the next best widget! and hike the Appalachian Trail! If you don’t make mistakes or try something new, you won’t fulfill the true possibilities of your life. So what if you goof! Ask yourself “What’s the BFD?” Is there Blood? Is there Fire? Was there Death? No? Then fix the goof and move on. LIVE your lives, people! 


Happy December, folks!

Annette Noyes

The Emerald Box Turtle 

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