Joe Thornton began his career in journalism then moved to the corporate world.  Later, he founded a candle manufacturing company, which he sold in 2015. Throughout his life he explored his spiritual side through reading and meditating and exploring spiritual practices. Eventually Joe began to study in earnest and turned his professional life toward the spiritual as well.

A Reiki Master, Joe has studied several different energy healing modalities including Pranic healing, Shamanism and Access Bars and has additional certifications in his other fields of study. He works regularly with clients but also has devoted a great deal of his attentions on teaching.  He also has a successful Intuitive Life Coaching practice.

Joe is passionate about animals and animal welfare and loves providing Reiki for both human and animal clients.

Joe has written a Reiki manual, being published soon. He is the founder of Clear Spirit Reiki and sits on the board and faculty of the Brigger Center for Reiki Education. If all that isn’t enough, Joe is also co-founder of the 501(c)(3) non-profit Great Conjunction Spiritual Center.

Joe lives with his husband, two dogs, two cats and six chickens.