JohnThorntonGLDBCKJohn Michael Thornton is a psychic and medical intuitive with over twenty years experience honing his natural abilities. John’s parents met through a spiritual non-profit giving him a unique perspective on the importance of a strong spiritual community.

An engaging teacher, John has taught at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Victory of Light, Lily Dale Assembly, and spiritual groups across the Northeast.

After receiving his BA in Religious Studies, John worked at a spiritually based non-profit in Virginia before moving to New York to work in state government. Upon returning Ohio he refocused his career on spiritual work as a yoga instructor and psychic.

John’s life long love of gardening and nature has lead him to transform their Youngstown property from a barren field to a flourishing and nurturing homestead with fruit trees, vegetable gardens, herb and flower beds. Behind the garage is the massive compost pile fueling all the growth.

Beyond teaching in person, John has produced numerous guided meditation CDs, books and articles.

John lives with his husband, a cat and four dogs with whom he loves to play fetch in the yard.  The dogs, that is.