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Youngstown, OH, USA
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Welcome to Great Conjunction Spiritual Center!

Great Conjunction’s purpose is to bring together differing philosophies and spiritual practices for the purpose of education, understanding and common ground.  We offer classes, workshops and expos highlighting diverse beliefs, world views and spiritual practices.

We are in the process of building our new site containing information on yoga, psychic fairs, workshops and classes.  Check back soon for more information and visit our Expo page to keep up with our upcoming Metaphysical Expos and Psychic Fairs.

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Great Conjunction

The Great Conjunction Monthly Lecture Series is proud to present:
The Great Conjunction Monthly Lecture Series is proud to present:
"Spiritual Abuse: A Community Conversation" ~ Dr. Jamie Marich ~ Generally defined as the use of God, religion, enlightenment or other spiritual constructs as tools to gain power and control, spiritual abuse is one of the most overlooked forms of abuse in the community. Spiritual abuse deserves the same attention as other forms of abuse we discuss, and it's important to recognize that it doesn't just happen in churches. In this workshop and conversations, you will learn about what makes people vulnerable to being wounded in spiritual abusive dynamics and how abusers and abusive systems gain their power. This is an important event for all of those serious about pursuing spiritual practice with freedom. In this open event, come out and discuss spiritual abuse with trauma expert and clinical counselor Dr. Jamie Marich.
NE Ohio's most exciting expos!
NE Ohio's most exciting expos!
Come be inspired. Come be blessed. Come have fun. And come be One with everyone at the Great Conjunction Expo & Psychic Fair! Visit Great Conjunction Expo for all our upcoming Expos and Psychic Fairs.
Created with Love
Created with Love
Reiki Master Joe Tkalec and Psychic John Michael Thornton founded Great Conjunction to bring healing and greater understanding to Northeast Ohio. Both of them offer classes and private consultations.
Yoga can bring a sense of peace and an understanding of mindfulness to life. With specialty yoga workshops and classes, Great Conjunction is bringing unique programs to the community - bridging the gap between physical and mental health.

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